Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fabulous Finds

In an effort to document more of my day-to-day clothing choices, and perhaps even hone my somewhat lackluster fashion photography skills, I've decided to incorporate photos of my daily ensembles into le blog. But perhaps not daily, necessarily, because in case you haven't noticed- I sometimes get caught up in the everyday chaos of the hectic Junior Year. So, here goes Post #1 of Photos from an Aspiring Fashion Designer/Fashion Journalist (I've been broadening my possible future career choices). 

Anyway, so today I arose with a gleam in my eye, anticipating the fabulous combo of my black Tori Richard dress, cinched at the waist with a red woven belt I've had since Kindergarten. So that's vintage, right? In any case it worked, and I paired it with my tan Axcess by Liz Clairborne tote and Steve Madden wedge boots. I'm honestly surprised the boots haven't worn into the ground yet, I literally pull them on whenever the temperature hits below 60. Which, I must say, Florida has been doing a lot lately. I like to combat the weather with stockings. Not combative in terms of staying warm, but in defying Mother Nature. Foolhardy, perhaps, but at least I'll shiver in style. I'm pretty convinced the warm weather today was my doing, all thanks to my passive aggressiveness. You're welcome, Florida.

And here is the Kindergarten belt. It's a lovely little thing, and by little I do mean in size. It once fit comfortably around my hips, holstering up those scratchy cardboard uniform shorts from my private school days. Now it hugs my upper waist quite nicely, I would say. Thank goodness I'm a pack-rat. This may be one of the more extreme cases though. What can I say, I can predict clothing trends ten years in advance. Or I can lose things for ten years, and then find them in the back of my closet. Which is probably the more likely scenario.


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