Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best Day of the Year

It has arrived; the September issue of Vogue is in my dorm room! All 758 glorious pages of the beloved fashion bible's most important annual issue now lie strewn, dog-eared and marked, across my lemon patterned Lilly Pullitzer twin XL bedspread.

But of course you all knew that. What really matters is what miraculous ensembles leaped from the pages this month, projecting where the rest of the season is going.

Here are my personal highlights:
  1.  A spotlight on Elle Fanning, fashion and cinema's fresh new face.
    In particular, the face of Marc Jacobs's newest ad campaign. The middle schooler, labeled "enchanting" by Jacobs, is definitely attracting serious attention. Elle was seated in the front row of Karl Lagerfeld by Lagerfeld himself, and was commended by Vogue for putting her ensembles together with "a casual, offhand grace".

  2. Sam Riley was a contributor this month and I'm embarrassed to say I've only the vaguest idea of who he is. His Vogue picture (shot on location in Brighton) caught my eye first (of course) and then his impressive list of accolades and the like. His 2009 portrayal of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis (in the film Control) sounds incredible. Searching Netflix: Now.

    3. Vogue dedicated the "Flash" section this month to the emerging Primary Color trend, documenting fashionable streets everywhere that are splashed with "Lichtenstein inspired" pop prints. Definitely a prime example (see what I did there?) of some easy color block trends to work into your wardrobe. Balenciaga heels and Lisa Perry (seen with her own designs, also featured in Vogue, by the way) below.

    So much more to say, but being the responsible sleep-deprived student that I am, I must cut the post short and promise that there's more to come.

    images from marieclaire.com, garrettjohnhedlundfan.com, talkshoes.com, seattletimes.nwsource.com

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Stylish Debut of Orange and Blue

Just for my personal enjoyment, as well as the enjoyment of Gator fans everywhere, I've collected several looks from the Fall 2011 Fashion Week collections (J. Crew pictured directly below) that encapsulate the Florida spirit.

Seeing as I'll be on UF's campus in a little under a month, I figured I'd explore the material my favorite designers have given me for a little orange and blue inspiration!

Diane Von Furstenberg


Paul & Joe

Proenza Schouler

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

With the Fall 2011 season of fashion right around the corner, the time has come for a careful reassessment of our current wardrobes.

Jeans and pants are the first topic of discussion. As every dedicated fashion follower knows: The cut, style, and look of this season's jeans often indicate where the rest of the season's trends are headed.

With skinny jeans being the ubiquitous choice of style for teens and twenty-somethings of today, they no longer fulfill their original purpose, which was (of course) to make a statement. The skinny look remains stylish, however, it no longer holds the number one spot on designers' catwalks. ChloƩ , Chanel , and even our wallet-friendly J. Crew all displayed customized versions of the wide-pant trend in their Fall 2011 runway collections (pictured in order, below).

Ergo, the 1970s wide pant leg. Forever fleeing the mundane, trendsetters everywhere are turning to the opposite of skinny. Are you daring enough to display the trend?

Tips for Wide-Panted Jeans:
  • Wide pants with a high waistline create a slimmed silhouette
  • Keep the cinched belt skinny
  • Pair with heels or wedges
  • Remember to keep the entire ensemble simple and minimalistic

images from elle.com