Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Loving Reminder

After a serene afternoon spent perusing the stores and boutiques of a somewhat chilly St. Armand's Circle, I couldn't help but feel a slight bout of nostalgia for Florida's summer heat. Dodging shadows cast by the storefront awnings and constantly rerouting one's path (so that it would coincidentally hit the sunny patches of faded red walk) sort of inhibited the whole relaxation aspect of the walk, I suppose. And I have to admit navigating between confused snow-birds and absurdly large amounts of bikes, mopeds and sports cars wasn't too great, either. I miss slipping into one of several ice cream stores to escape the heat, not flee from their open doors because the freezers feel like they're housing glaciers inside. Summer brings warmth and a severe lack of tourists (which believe me) I am anxiously awaiting! But in the meantime, I think incorporating smidgens of your summer wardrobe into your late winter/early spring attire may just do the trick. For example, this Lovebird Necklace (found at the Rusty Crickett). The birds perched atop a tree branch remind me of the robins one hears everyday during Summer singing long into the evenings. Of course, the natural aspect of the piece definitely coincides with Springtime, as well. In any case, I can't think of a more perfect way to remind yourself how close Summer is than to wear a lovely reminder in plain view for all to see (yourself included, of course)!

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