Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sparkle Season

If the shimmering body wash and glittery nail polish weren't enough for you, here are some more fabulous finds for celebrating the holidays in style. Keep in mind that the sparkle chic looks its best during this time of year, so if there was ever a perfect time to splurge on the shimmer- it's now!

(Pictured above, the shining platinum Zsa Zsa Jeweled Jack Rogers from the Rusty Crickett, $148)

But my favorite way to add shimmer? Jewelry. And today while doing some Christmas shopping, I stumbled across some wonderful finds from the Flirties Collection, all at the fabulous RC.
Flirties Bracelet, $22.99.

Flirties Earrings, $18.

I've given a few pairs of these earrings as gifts, and in reference to the last post, they're such an excellent stocking stuffer!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Stuff of Stockings

Stocking Stuffers are always last-minute and rushed, but not this year! Here's for a fabulous stress-free(er) holiday!
Body Wash. Sephora.

Heavy Metal Glitter Liner 
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liquid Liner. Sephora.

Be dazzled earrings. Kate Spade.

Midnight Mambo Nail ColourMerry Me! Nail Colour

Midnight Mambo and Merry Me! Nail Colour by Sephora.

CANDY! Preferably in the forms of Tutti-Fruitty, Pear, or Bubblegum flavored jelly beans.

And there you have it: Five fabulous stocking stuffers for the holidays!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Attire

Christmastime is here; We can feel it when we emerge from our toasty homes into the blustery Floridian Winter wind, and then again when we sprint back to our cars, cranking the seat warmer buttons into full swing once again. I know- it's pathetic to Northerners. But hey, you'd probably perish in the Floridian summer so it's even.

More cold = More layers = More clothes. I've probably repeated this line at least six times every morning. More to convince myself, probably, than others, but true nonetheless. Most importantly, however, are the ensembles we're donning for our holiday festivities. I've decided to assemble some possibilities for you, either to serve as inspiration or to add to your holiday wish list. You are so welcome!

Cute girl who combines textures well from

Deena & Ozzy Glitter Oxford. UO.

Deena & Ozzy Toe Cap Oxford Shoe. UO.

Cooperative Ornament Sweater and Cooperative Doll Sweater. Both UO.

Urban Renewal Fair Isle Cardigan. UO.
Ugly Christmas sweater party, anyone?

Halsey Dress. UO.

Asymmetric Cutout Dress - BurgundyAsymmetric Cutout Dress - Black

Asymmetric Cutout Dress, in Black and Wine. Nastygal.

Lily Lattice Dress - WineLily Lattice Dress - Wine
Lily Lattice Dress in Wine. Nastygal.

Roberts Sequin DressRoberts Sequin Dress
BB Dakota Roberts Sequin Dress. Nastygal.
Come on, for New Years?! Yes.

Twirl Karolina by Kate Spade.

Charm by Kate Spade.
Please, oh my goodness, I want these.

Feel inspired? Get shopping!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shady Lady

I must admit I'm a sucker for the classic chic, but it does a fashionista good to dip her wardrobe in the Wild Side every once in while (and vice-versa). Don't get me wrong, owning a "signature look" is empowering! It shows that you have honed the controlled skill of picking out things that coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe in the clothing department, instead of frantically snatching up random assortments of fashion catastrophes. You know what looks good, and you know where to find it.

But never fall into the category where everyone else knows what you're going to wear, too. It is possible to channel your favorite look consistently without being predictable.

Which brings me back to Point A: Take a dip in the Wild Side.
Punching up your wardrobe with pieces that keep it fresh and current isn't difficult. I've been trying to employ my own advice, and find some sunglasses that have a classic look, but still contain that bit of an edge.

Et Voila! Cat eye sunglasses. Now to find the perfect pair...

Marilyn; Secretary Style
Olivia Palermo
Them Tom Fords on the right are fierce.
Prada is fabulous.

I apologize for your new obsession.

But not really, because a passion for fashion is such a great thing.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

That's Pretty Tight

One of my most favorite parts of cold weather? The layers.

But you already knew that. Layers are every girl's best friend when the temperature starts dropping! How else can we keep our ensembles stylish
and interesting? If your mother is anything like mine, living in Florida equals two coats because: "We're in Florida! What do you need more coats for?"

Right. Which means that everything
under the coat and above it has to keep changing!
Which brings us to the latest blog post layer dedication: tights. And oh how stylin' they are. Adding a punch of color and pattern to any outfit, they're sure to keep that Winter Wardrobe of yours moving right along!

Etsy peacock tights.

CTRL leggings.

   Les Queues de Sardines Leggings. Très chic.

Tabio Tights.

The amazing Louis Vuitton tights.

Rodarte tights.

Bernhard Willhelm. Note sausage necklace.

Urban Outfitters is also a spectacular source for outlandish tights. Check them out.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Growing Change

Edun Live Collection T-Shirt
"People say fashion is frivolous," says Ali Hewson, co-founder (with husband Bono) of fashion label Edun Live "but in its own way, it can change people's lives."
Aweko Joska, planting cotton seeds with family members
Founded in 2005 by the power couple after an eye-opening visit to Africa, Edun Live certainly has been changing lives alongside its Conservative Cotton Initiative (CCI), employing local cotton farmers in Uganda to grow the 100% organic cotton required for the label's t-shirts. Within the first year of the project, more than 80,154 kilograms of cotton were produced, and more than 1,097 affiliate farmers given another chance.
CCI, a team project given life through the combined efforts of Edun Live, Invisible Children, and the WCS, has a mission "to build sustainable farming communities [in Africa] and provide a fair trade market for their cotton." Based in the Gulu District of Uganda, the area in which CCI primarily functions is recovering from a tumultuous civil war which displaced hundreds of thousands of families. CCI provides the returning farmers with tools, training, and funding necessary to start "a sustainable cotton business".
With the funds provided by Edun Live and CCI, Aweko Joska, a member of one of the farming groups, was able to send her daughter, Gloria, 19, to a boarding school for the first time in her life, and was given the opportunity to spend Christmas with her family for the first time in almost twenty years.

images from and

Friday, November 5, 2010


This entire post is dedicated to my dear friend who has a healthy appetite for Fryes. These are the select pairs which I am drawn to, in light of the new weather we've been experiencing in our small coastal town. I guess Mother Nature has been reading my posts after all!