Friday, July 30, 2010


So, I've been away from the computer and my beloved blog (as I'm hoping the majority of readers have picked up on) for two weeks now. But boy, does it feel good to be back! At Drexel's Fashion Camp (Design and Merchandising, specifically), I learned how to create a perfume, market a target customer, and ultimately sell a brand. Check out what I've been up to below!

The perfume is named Edie after Edward Dantes, who is a favorite clever/witty literary character of mine.
It is a beachy fragrance that combines the soothing sweet perfume of Ylang Ylang with the tart and rejuvenating scent of the Lime Orchid, producing a refreshingly tropical fragrance which is positively ambrosial to the senses.
Designed with a woman in mind whose traits parallel the complex fragrance within Edie, the target customer will be a woman who is sophisticated and clever, but who possesses that touch of rebellious youthfulness at heart.

Any takers?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cut It Out

The trend that's looking pretty hot for Fall 2010 is the outrageously adorable cutout look. It's daintiness is an easy translation from a sweet and pretty lace-inspired influence, but at the same time, it's gloriously edgy- providing a perfect transition from the fierce to the feminine this season. Really just a wonderful look all-in-all, and one which is remarkably reminiscent of the cage shoe from Yves Saint Laurent, except in all elements of couture.
Belts, bags, bracelets, and shoes have all been touched by the laser cutout trend, and thank goodness for that! It's a perfect launching point for the polished, classy look which will be making a huge comeback this Fall.

Proenza Schouler
Sergio Rossi
Chrisitan Louboutin
Herve Leger
images from and fashionising

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Material Momsen

Queen of pop Madonna and tween daughter Lola have brainstormed a new clothing line to add to the seemingly infinite teenie bopper racks at Macy's! Named (what else but) Material Girl, the grunge-inspired gear features all the ripped up pants, holey fishnet stockings, and schoolgirl plaid oversized button-downs you could ask for. If there is of course someone asking for it, that is.
"Hardcore" rocker and Gossip Girl cast member Taylor Momsen will be putting in her special input too, helping design and model some of the looks with Madge and Lola.
Okay, I'm sorry, but when has Momsen ever been commended for her fashion sense? She looks like she walked out of a Japanese horror film with her over-bleached hair, pale angry face, and raccoon eyes. Even when grunge was in (which, according to Vogue, "Girls, looking polished and grown-up is back."), Momsen was always on the outs. She's always saying something nasty in the media and is simply not an enjoyable person all around.
But don't take my word for it! What do you think of the clothes?

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keeping 'Em Coming!

... And I've fallen behind again! It seems like perhaps Summer may not be the best time for blogging, especially when yours consists of:
1. Poynter Institute's Journalism Camp
2. Auburn University's Summer Journalism Workshop
3. Girls State
4. Fashion Merchandising Camp at Drexel
5. Visiting the grandparents in NY

Not that it in any way makes up for a dusty and utterly deserted Blogspot site, but... you know. My head is everywhere right now. Currently it is at Drexel, but I assure you that my heart is all a-flutter up and down the street-side shops of Philly, perusing their cluttered windows for inspiration which I shall document and relay back to you at some point. In any case, plenty of pictures have been snapped, rest assured.

In the meantime, take a look at some pics of the recent purchases from UO (or pictures similar to them anyways)! I'm working on channeling that classic feminine vintage look which I love so much and which is, according to Vogue, right around the corner again. Goodbye leather leggings and distressed ripped up bags, helloooo tailor-made!