Sunday, October 3, 2010

Costume Chic

First off, I apologize for my rather long hiatus, those college apps will get you as a senior! Since I finished my UF application, I'm rewarding myself (and hopefully all of you, as well) with a fun little post kicking off the month of October.

Seeing as everyone is already discussing what in the world they should be for Halloween, I thought I would brainstorm some fashionable and entertaining ideas for you, and yes, you're of course very welcome. Here's to hoping I don't have to see another scantily clad nurse or cop costume (it's not a good look). Let's try to get a little more creative.

(Hear, hear!)

Anne Hathaway rocking the Cleopatra look.
Those eyes are fierce!

Katie Couric
as Donald Trump. Cute.

Heidi Klum as the Hindu Goddess Kali. It's creative and frightening.

Audrina Patridge the peacock. Aww...

Michelle Trachtenburg and Lydia Hearst flaunt their Snow White and evil pixie (?) ensembles.

Audrina Patridge in another winner, Madonna. This is really good, I'm not gonna lie.

Blake Lively the adorable flight attendant. I would like some pretzels, please.

So, that's all I can find for now, unless you really really want to be a cop. Which you don't, right? Right. Anywho, more to come fairly soon, minus that awfully long hiatus.

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