Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Writing Right Along

Okay, so, I apologize for the lack of posts between today and last Thursday. By lack of, of course, I'm referring to none. I've been happily (and utterly) absorbed in... JOURNALISM CAMP! It's way more awesome than it sounds, but I've found myself attempting to explain it to like four people already and I've watched their eyes glaze over and their inquisitive smiles freeze on their faces.
But I really, really promise that it's not full of weirdos or something. I love the kids in it, and I'm thrilled to report that there are some extremely stylin' and inspiring young reporters. There I was in my jean capris and vans (not a totally awful look, but definitely keeping it casual I would say) and there was this cute gal next to me rocking a vintage dress, white knitted belt, and pointy-toed flats. Needless to say I'm bringing my A-game tomorrow. So here are some lovely reporter-esque secretary type clothes and accessories from the new UO Season I've been gazing at endlessly!
Urban Renewal Lace Collar Frock
Pins and Needles Chiffon Housedress
BDG Breezy Button Down Shirt
Fletcher by Lyell Peter Pan Collar Pleat Blouse
Kimchi Blue Edwardian Blouse

Kimchi Blue Cutaway Cardigan

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


What with another Summer (finally) upon us, is it really a surprise to anyone that sailor stripes are back in again? Being that they're a staple in the Wardrobe of the Nautical year-round anyways, their presence in Florida is, at least, considered to be quite the norm. Therefore, consciously or not, even the 75+ members of this fabulous sunshine state will be fashion forward! Sportin' le sailor chic is always fashionable in Florida.

I'm really loving what some street style blogs are picking up on now regarding the sailor look too, which is sort of an edgy punkish application to the stripes. Leather, chain, and harsh contrasting seams help to move this version of the look along. In my area of the state, most of us are used to seeing the stripes translated into a more cruisewear-channeled look of elegant refinery, if you will. Which basically means that for me, this edge is a new take on things. However, if you think about it, the edginess is as old as it gets, seeing as sailors are supposed to be all rough 'n tumble, aren't they?
Love those boots! If I resembled a model, I would thoroughly enjoy being able to pull those babies off. As it is, I would more likely resemble a kindergardener on her way to the lunch line. I'll always have my Torys...

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2010 Beachwear Faves (So Far)

Three Summer Lovin' Labels which were absolutely mouth-dropping this season, and I'd never heard of any of them. Pin-up style by Karen Neilson was genius.

Karen Neilsen

Rebecca Manning Swimwear Spring / Summer 2010 (RAFW)

Rebecca Manning

White Sands
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Zeki Triko Spring 2010

Candice Swanepoel  in Zeki Triko Swimwear: Spring 2010. Just some sharp 'n sunny photography to get you in the mood for swimsuit season! Colorful clothing contrasted against the bright blue backdrop of summer does wonders for a stressed-out mind on exam week. And by wonders I mean makes you forget all about it. Which on second thought, may not be the strongest strategy here. 
Candice Swanepoel:  Zeki Triko swimwear Spring 2010

- You should be seeing a lot more of patterns like this one and the one below; textiles designed with watercolor paintings and artwork in mind were all the rage on the summer runways.

That's the cutest One piece I've seen in a long while!
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Out of Print Clothing

The mission? To share the joys of a truly great story with others- through beautifully crafted soft cotton tees, emblazoned with the cover art of classics. Created with the feeling we get from our well-read books in mind, the shirts are designed to produce that comfy fit we all love, and look vintage chic doing it. Not to mention- for every tee purchased, the Out of Print Clothing company donates a book to a community in need through their partner Books for Africa.
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