Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Double-Denim Don't.

I know this may come as a huge surprise to some, but sometimes what we witness strutting down the haute couture runways does not actually correlate to real life. In some instances, the clothing ensembles are there for the sheer awe factor, and no designer actually expects their consumer to wear the piece in that exact way. Although I do love fashion, as well as trends, there are some that simply must stay on the runway. If you haven't already guessed, I'm talking double-denim. I think most know that this trend died in the eighties with good reason, but the few that are trying to resuscitate it, please let it rest in peace. I've seen more and more articles concerning the layered denim look (in a negative light), but I assumed it was so commonly understood that I didn't need to mention it! Then, I saw it in person. Namely the denim jeans and jacket combo. Look, I know you're trying to give off the 'I'm a free-bird, and I don't care about what I wear let's just chill, man' vibe, but I'm not digging it, and neither is anyone else. And another thing: It does not change anything when the denim colors don't match. Just because you're wearing dark jeans and your denim jacket is bleached, we still know they're both jean. You are not fooling anyone. For the other 95% of you that know double denim is not a hot look, thanks for using that common sense. Remember, unless you're a real farmer, you don't need to dress like one!

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  1. hahaha who would think denim and denim goes together still? its not the 80's! haha i love your blog!