Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cut me Some Crew (and Adult Sizes, too!)

Attention: After perusing the seasonal catalog for J. Crew, I have some new obsessions of which I figured you should be aware. Though wildly out of this babysitter's price range, perhaps your wardrobe will benefit from these stylish ensembles and accessories.

Going right along with the particular Summer 2011 trends of:

  1. 60s chic
  2. capris and cropped pants (they are not one and the same)
  3. stripes 
  4. bright neon colors
  5. fun glitz & glamor
... and basically all patterns, colors, styles, and cuts we typically see this time of year, here are the looks which caught my eye. Mostly, I fell in love with the crew cuts (which as all avid J. Crew fans will know, is the preppy fashion house's children's line).

1. Cutler and Gross Sunglasses. I've been searching for this shape forever!

$420. (= 50 hours of babysitting)

2.  Sequin stripe tank.


3. Exclamation tee, Stripe lightning tee, Starshine tee

$36. $38. $36.

4. Embellished capris leggings. So adorable.


5. Sailing short, Cotton lace short, Starry short

$59.50 $59.50 $39.99 (select colors)

So, for the fashionable children in your life: Get them these items. Or at least the star spangled shorts pictured above, those are my favorite.