Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hunter Wellies, Practically a Necessity

So, at first Hunter boots were merely a slight fixation of mine. I first saw the fleece-lined beauts in either a W or Teen Vogue spread as simply accents to whatever the featured clothing articles were, and then I saw them again (in real life) during a frigid visit to Providence, Rhode Island. Which was when they became less like one of those thousand dollar unattainable blouses you admire and more like those couple hundred dollar Coach purses. They may be a splurge, but you love them because they're practical and affordable. Two adjectives you can never go wrong with! At least not when reasoning with your parents. So price set aside, I found myself wondering if I had any need for such fancy footwear to begin with, and naturally- my Florida place of residence came to mind. With rain showers a constant during the humid afternoon summers, I knew the practicality of rain boots in Bradenton was a given, and the need for Hunter Wellies simply spoke for itself.  

Of course, there's the age-old argument that the name brand simply isn't important, and you can find a pair of ol' rubber boots anywhere. But here's my argument: A name brand (in most cases) stands for tradition, and traditions are customs that develop over time. Therefore, the products which develop under such a name have stood the test of time, and so you know you can trust the quality of their products. A name-brand like Hunter has been around for so long, because the company clearly know what they're doing. And if you think of the product in terms of an investment, the price really seems almost, reasonable... Ok, I've just memorized this because it's needed every time I browse through a magazine. But the point is that I need Hunter Wellies. Is that thunder I hear?

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