Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Shoulderless Sleeve

With the Spring and Summer seasons already on my mind, I couldn't help but to do a little research on their respective trends. One potential candidate (out of many!) for 'hottest look' is the exposed shoulder. First of all, the exposed shoulder obviously is not a rarity for us during the hottest months of the year in Florida. However, the way in which it is being exposed this upcoming season definitely is. Usually, we are accustomed to a bare arm following that uncovered shoulder, yes? In Spring/Summer 2010, it simply is not so. What has been feautured fairly consistently in the designers' Spring/Summer Shows is a sleeve (short or long) attatched below the showing shoulder. I'm not talking Avril Lavigne's 'arm socks' that she paired with her sleeveless wifebeaters, because this look is definitely not for the angsty rocker. Although edgy, the sleeve accompagnying the revealed shoulder also evokes a feeling of classic elegance. See Karl Lagerfeld's approach to the style in the upper right. Similar looks have been spotted in the collections of Louise Golden and Lanvin.
image courtesy of fashionising

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sporadic Metallic

Balancing the art of metallics can be a risky business, but if calculated correctly, the end result is a sight of sweet perfection. Small hints of metallics placed intermittently throughout an outfit (such as in a clutch or a pair of flats) produce an overall effect of classic cool, but with a flirty edge. Metallics, or course, aren't exactly new to the fashion scene, but have been flitting in and out of style for quite some time now. I believe however, that because they have been seen so much more recently, that it's a fairly safe bet to invest in one or two staple metallic items. The first staple is naturally the metallic purse or clutch, which is ideal for dressing one's outfit up with a touch of elegant sophistication. The second metallic staple is a pair of shoes. The options are vast in this category, ranging from dressy flats to casual Sperry Top-Siders (as seen above in J. Crew's January catalogue). I'm absolutely infatuated with these Top-Siders, and (having already owned a patterned pair) I can confidently recommend them as my favorite go-to shoes for an effortless, classic, all-American style. Although a bit of an expense for the everyday budget, my advice is: If you're going to splurge, do it on the staples!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Zac Attack!

For those of us who are not mega-billionaires or even up-and-coming starlets, it's comforting to know that we can still wear Designer Labels for a fraction of the price. I'm talking about, of course, Target's  monthly collaboration with fresh, young, and extremely talented  big-name designers. Perhaps you saw Rodarte's famous gothic threads featured this past month, or maybe Anna Sui the month before. This April I'm thrilled to announce that the featured designer will be none other than New York native, Zac Posen. A favorite of stars like Natalie Portman, Kate Winslet, Mischa Barton, and Claire Danes, Posen is known for his meticulously detailed looks and 1940s-glamor style. Over twenty-five separate pieces by the designer will be available for purchase, highlights including a polka-dot cocktail number with a decorative bow at the waist, and a full piece suit. Posen being a favorite designer of mine, I'm counting down the days until I'll be sporting that chic 'Zac Lipstick' tee featured above, too!
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Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Stud

Something about housing near-weapons in one's hair seems to have appealed to the masses, because more and more designers, magazines, and starlets have been seen adorning the spiky accessories. As demonstrated above with the black band by Jennifer Behr (in February's Teen Vogue), the studded headband is not for rockers alone either. Studded head wear can be paired with a chic girly fleece or a feminine dress and still look fabulous! The embellished-gladiator look has been incorporated into sandals, jewelry, and other accessories a lot lately, making quite a stir on the runways of Balmain and Rock & Republic. An adorable studded version of the popular Tolani scarf (seen on Kim Kardashian) is available for purchase through the Rusty Crickett too, for those looking to spice up their Tolani Collections.
image from teenvogue

The Trend Truth

In a recent article published by The Wall Street Journal, Christina Binkle confirms what many have only suspected. This upcoming season, there is no dominant fashion trend. The problem, however, is not that there are too many trends to follow, but rather, that they all appear to be unrelated. From clean-cut classic tailoring to fierce studded gladiator, Spring 2010's trends seem to come from complete opposite ends of the spectrum. So with Fashion Week rapidly approaching (in the midst of all this trend-spotting hysteria), what's a girl to do? It simply comes down to what it has all along: Wear what you like. Dress in what you love, and in what you feel suits you best. As Binkle eloquently puts it, "...People now dress the way they see themselves, choosing looks that flatter their bodies and fit their lifestyles." Not only does this seem to be common sense,  but it's economically savvy too. Think about it. If you only buy clothes you love (trends or not), aren't you more likely to keep those clothing items longer, and take better care of them? It is possible to take part in trends while staying true to one's own style, despite what the term 'trendy' seems to represent these days. While fashion is about staying tuned in to common trends, it's also about how one takes those trends and manipulates them into their own individual look. The bottom line is, wearing what you love (and looking good doing it) will never go out of style.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

L-O-V-E Love

After a week of exams, I think we all need a little love. So, why not indulge in the material kind? The L-O-V-E Necklace kind, specifically. This beautiful charm necklace at the Rusty Crickett is definitely one of the cutest jewelry pieces I've seen in awhile. It's not for casual wear of course, but one will find plenty of formal attire to pair with it due to its metallic plating. Its charm bracelet look is one reminiscent of the jewelry lines of Betsey Johnson and Yves Saint Laurent, two labels that rep the couture world well. For your little piece of high fashion, the L-O-V-E necklace from the RC is definitely the way to go!

Darling in Denim

Although it lends itself exceptionally well to jeans, denim's versatility stretches far beyond. What with the desire for denim reaching new heights everyday, the number of ways in which it can be incorporated into an outfit has climbed, too. From Dolce and Gabbana's denim satchels to the denim suits by Rag&Bone, I've been seeing more and more denim out of its element! And good thing too, because without it, we wouldn't be seeing just how wonderful our denim can truly be. Pictured to the left, Carolyn is wearing an adorable cotton and denim dress by Voom. It's natural color palette will look lovely come spring time, and its cinching belt and fold-over collar accents give this dress a personality all its own. Simplicity is the key to classic elegance, and this dress (found at the Rusty Crickett) is an exquisite example!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Plethora of Pattern

Continuing on with the Pattern-Craze Look, February's Spanish Vogue spread (featuring Chanel Iman) displayed some absolutely stunning patterned dresses. Shown above are the designs of Moschino and DSquared, two names which have certainly revolutionized the world of pattern. Their modern prints and popping color are definitely eye-catchers on the runway, and certainly in the magazines, as well. I hope they'll be catching the eyes of locals soon too, because the lovely trend is one that I know any Floridian can pull off, and do so fabulously.
image courtesy of fashionising

Sheer Joy

First of all, I love everything about this look. Sheer Fabric Trend aside, the cut of this blouse evokes a look of true classic glamor and elegance. Reminiscent of the 1940s wave of ultra-fem detailing, the tailored corset and sweetheart neckline bring out the wearer's figure, drawing attention to the neck while slimming the arms. Most importantly however, this ensemble is a brilliant example of the sheer fabric trend. Seen most often on the sleeves of shirts or in the detailing of dresses, the sheer fabric look is a must have for the upcoming season. Its physical coverage, although scant, is what makes the elegant style so flirty and fun. Sophisticated and playful? Sounds like a winning combination, if you ask me! The striking look does not require much accessorizing, although the young woman (pictured above) paired hers with a small assortment of bracelets and a simple black headband. Already displayed by the likes of Katie Holmes, Kristin Stewart, and Olivia Wilde, the sheer is not for the shy!

image courtesy of fashionising

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dominant Rusty Crickett Prom Style: You Decide!

Ever thumb through the Rusty Crickett racks wishing they just had more of that specific gown style you love? Now's the chance to voice your opinion! The Rusty Crickett wants your help deciding what Prom Style'10 should be the most prominent on the hangers this Season. We've narrowed it down to four separate but extremely popular prom gown styles:

  1. The Short Party Dress
  2. The Asymmetrical One Shoulder
  3. The Traditional
  4. The Strapless
Above are examples of the four most prominent Prom'10 Style choices. Either comment your favorite choice below or vote in the poll in the Upper Right Corner of the Blog. Good luck on your selections!

Pattern Pusher

In the spirit of the mix'n-match pattern craze that's been documented everywhere from Cosmo to The New York Times, I thought who better to showcase pretty patterns than the Queen of All Pattern, herself? The Connoisseur of Florida Couture, Lilly Pulitzer! One of my favorite designers hands-down, Lilly simply envelops the heart of Palm Beach, Florida. I've always loved the stark contrast between her whimsical patterns and clean cut lines, and the overall Prepster feel her look conveys. The classic cuts and lines in the clothing have always reminded me of the Sixties/Early-Seventies era, so Lilly seemed to go right along with the Seventies Trend we've all been seeing a lot of lately. Her start-up story is iconic, but for those of you reading who aren't as familiar with her humble beginnings, here's how it all started (in a nutshell!): Lilly Pulitzer, a young woman residing in lovely Palm Beach, ran a juice stand. Tired of ruining her blouses and skirts with the brightly colored juice stains, she designed a brightly pattered dress which camouflaged the citrus' remains. Soon, she began selling more of her pattered dresses than juice, and when Jackie O. was captured in one of the young designer's shifts, well, the rest became history. Try mixing up one of Lilly's patterned skirts with a crisp white button-down, multi-patterned Lilly headband, and oversize shades, for a Floridian take on the mix'n match pattern trend that Lilly would be proud of.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Douse of Denim

The right fit in that perfect pair of jeans can be flattering on all levels from one's body to one's confidence. Goodness knows we all have that favorite pair we always resort to almost religiously. But that doesn't mean that the trusty pair can't budge over a little bit for this season's new jean styles! Patched, double, ripped, and high-waisted denim skirts and jeans have been seen in all the designers' hottest collections. Basically, the overall trend seems to be channeling the Era of the Hippie (no, not the Sixties one). The Seventies are back, and not only in jeans, although the denim department appears to be where the well-loved decade is most prominent.  Seventies hair, in long and loose wavy tresses has rocked the Spring'10 Runways as well. To the right, Fidelity Jeans beautifully displays their take on the Seventies Decade jean trend. Although the Hippie Hair is not on my top list of favorites (although on some hair-days it would seem so), I think we can all agree you can never have too many jeans!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Making Waves

A look I simply can't wait to see resurface after this cold spell blows over? The seemingly always suitable Nautical, of course! From the patriotic color schemes that accompany the style to the adorable buttons and stripes, I'm anxiously waiting for the Sailor Chic to re-emerge. Pictured to the left is a wonderful example of this trend in the January Issue of Vogue. Its rising surge in popularity has been attributed to a wide array of influences, one for example, is Audrey Tatou's "Coco Before Chanel" Movie. The film, which hit theaters last April, demonstrated how Chanel took the Sailor's Uniform (a seemingly ordinary striped shirt) of the day and revolutionized it. Chanel is now credited with the birth of the Sailor-Trend, which we are now witnessing today. Ahoy, Mate!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Radiant Rings

If you really want to go that extra mile to look fabulous, simply invest in a small (or large!) handful of rings. Gold, silver, bronze, and beaded rings never go out of fashion, and their skillful placement determines just how formal or casual your outfit may be. Dress up that white v-neck and jeans with some decorative detailed rings, or dress down your clean-pressed oxford with some simple silver bands. Shown to the left, the adorable silver owl ring with rhinestone detailing and black jewel eyes from the Rusty Crickett is absolutely stunning, and would look amazing with a simple v-neck tee or a more formal black dress. Below are some examples of rings seen around Manatee High. From Carly's lovely blossoming white flower and wraparound spoon rings to Kathryn's chic silver band style, anything goes with these staple jewelery pieces.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Extra Effort

What I personally love about Sara's necklace, first of all, is that I haven't seen it anywhere. Its unique design is what I find so appealing about it, as most pieces of jewelry one purchases at popular stores (and I'm sure several fellow high-schoolers can attest to this) will often end up being seen on the ears and wrists of passerby. Perhaps one solution to this common dilemma is branching out a little bit further in either the place of purchase or in the jewelery itself. For example, when you're passing the table adorned with shimmering bracelets and ornately carved earrings, reach just those last couple of inches further where most shoppers overlook, to see if you can't find a ring different from all the others. Or apply the same concept to the entire location. Drive those few extra miles, as Sara did, to find that one store where everything is different and unique (in this case, The Hive). Isn't that one-of-a-kind piece worth the extra effort? After all, when we select anything to wear from a jacket to a ring, we are (intentionally or not) making a statement about ourselves. Fashion is undoubtedly about making that statement, about the expression of the individual. I guess what I'm getting at is: If you're going to make an effort, go all the way. After all, nobody likes to see their brand new necklace on the girl sitting next to them!

Staying Neutral

Why pick a side, when you can be neutral? Beige, white, navy, black, and gray seemed to be the most prominent color palettes present on campus today and around town, at least within the last couple of weeks. Perhaps it is because of the versatility they supply in terms of coordinating with other color hues, or simply because of their classic look. In either case, the neutral tones are steadily making their way onto a growing number of sweaters, bags, coats, and shoes everyday. Emily, pictured above, looks simply adorable in her beige Billabong jacket and multicolored scarf. Her ensemble is a prime example of how the neutral tone of the jacket draws attention to the colorful accessory. Outerwear in neutral colors similar to Emily's has been seen in the Max Azria and Gucci collections.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Return of the Romper

             Spring 2010 runway inspiration: jumpsuits & playsuits
Although I admit even I was a skeptic of this trend when I first saw it circulating the lines last Summer, I have to say I've done a complete 180. I love the Romper. It's classic, it's chic, and it's versatile, essentially enveloping the three major qualities any look with true staying power possesses. Better yet- it's back, which gives everyone (including me), a second chance to be a part of the Romper taking back the runway. After all, any look which can boast more than six equally attractive and unique styles deserves a comeback to be proud of. My personal favorite, the evening style (as done by John Ribbe above), truly embodies that classic look. Tailored at the bust while loose and flowing at the hips, this is one of many rompers that I have to feel would look amazing on anyone. Designers such as Erin Fetherston and Lanvin went for Evening Wear rompers as well (each varying the style of  cut/fit slightly), while Karl Lagerfeld and Lacoste took a more casual approach.
image courtesy of fashionising

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Promenade, Anyone?

Okay, I know that  Prom 2010 is still four months away, and yes, I realize that for most of us it's a bit early to start violently ransacking the 'Formal Wear' sections of our favorite stores.  However, I've found some styles to keep in mind while pondering your beautifully constructed floor-length piece of perfection. First of all, the knee-length splits simply aren't going to cut it. However, if you happened to raise the cut just a few inches higher, you'll be wearing one of the hottest looks of the Season. Versace (shown above), Zac Posen, and Lanvin all produced knock-out gowns for their Spring/Summer '10 Lines, most of which had stunning thigh-length splits on the sides and/or middle of the dresses. Geometric shapes and cutouts layering gowns created beautiful eye movement as well, and were definitely received well by onlookers. Apply the same principles to your dress as were used by these fashion power houses, and you'll undoubtedly emerge runway ready.
images courtesy of fashionising

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sweet Sleeve

Definitely taking advantage of the 50 Degree weather today, Carolyn bundled up in her adorable tan Liliana slouch boots and black winter coat by Anthropologie. The coat, which ties at the top and has just a hint of the puff sleeve style, is definitely a look that is predicted to be a major trend for the upcoming Winter/Spring '10 Season. Seen on the runways of Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi, the slight puffed sleeve is a sweet accent on any coat, feminizing the heavy and all-too-often constricting clothing pieces. The tie at the top, which may be fastened into a bow or simply tucked away (as worn here), also adds a girly touch to this chic outerwear. Pictured after a grueling day of classes, Carolyn is all smiles as she prepares to face the 10mph biting Floridian winds, practically a beautiful Summer's day for this Michigan native. With a lovely bright pink scarf to polish off the look, Carolyn's definitely looking sharp.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Get Your Kicks

Street Style: Over the knee boots, ParisAlong with the cold, wintry season of course comes warm footwear, an essential to surviving any day that involves leaving your house. While some locals still insist on their trusty Rainbows, I prefer to switch it up a bit. And so apparently, do quite a few others. Liv's, Frye, Limelight, Uggs and I'm pretty sure a couple of Maddens were just a few of the boot labels seen trudging across the MHS courtyard today. If I were to choose one of the styles however, I would definitely pick the slouch. The slouch boot has been working its way to the top since  its September appearance in Vogue Germany, and since has been recreated several times, most notably in the over the knee style. The OTK style is demonstrated at the above by a young Parisian attending the Dior Spring/Summer 2010 Show.
photo courtesy of fashionising

Layer it On

I've said it before, and I'm quite certain I'll say it many more times before Winter is gone: I love the cold. Why? Because it requires a lovely layered wardrobe, and more layers, of course, means more clothes. For the Floridians, this means about two and a half months of scarves, boots, oxfords, sweaters, coats, and frizz-free hair. A perfect time window for the heavy ensembles before we're all tired of seat warmers and chapped lips, and aching for our short-sleeves and sun-dresses once again. Nevertheless, the cold weather is here, and I'm happy to report so is a multitude of clothes. Tolani scarves, for one, were everywhere today. Designed to hold 'traditional cultures' in the color palettes while simultaneously evoking a modern feel in the design elements, Tolani is a great choice, as far as warming your neck goes. Pictured above is Jessica Alba wearing a Tolani scarf. I know for sure these have been flying off the racks at the RC, because every time I'm perusing their shelves there's always a new assortment of the popular accessory. Better run in and grab one for yourself before they're gone!

photo courtesy of shes_in_fashion

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hot Head

 If you haven't considered adorning that steadfast little accessory you once swore by in elementary school, it may be time to reconsider. Not only does a headband transform an outfit like a skillfully-placed pair of shoes, unlike those six inch heels, they're practical- even useful! They have made a huge comeback (I'm talking sheer numbers), and they've sure come a long way in the style department, too. While I may not recommend the bunny ears Marc Jacobs introduced to the 2009 LV fall collection for everyday use, I think the swiftly growing (and a bit more subtle) flowered headband trend is definitely worth investing in. From the catwalks of Anna Sui to the runways of Diane von Furstenburg, the flowered headband is quickly blossoming into a fresh and youthful look for Winter/Spring 09. Above are three examples of DvF's version of the style. Pictured below is Louis Vuitton's notorious ears.
images courtesy of styledecoupage and fashionologie

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Well-Tailored Woman

Form-fitting blazers, tailored pants, smart-looking vests and crisp pleats. All the staple items of any self-respecting Menswear Collection. But this classic look is quickly becoming a staple in collections catering to another clientele. That's right: The 'female dandy' has hit the runway. Its clean-cut lines and well placed seams accentuate the female body, flattering curves while simultaneously drawing attention away from less favorable areas. The tomboyish-prepster look most often associated with Ralph Lauren and Jil Sander has been seen on the runways of Rag&Bone, Karl Lagerfeld, and Calvin Klein, among several others. Here pictured is Karl Lagerfeld's take on the Tailored Trend. Personally, the prep look had always been a favorite of mine. I definitely saw plenty of blazers in Nordstrom's today, and I can't wait to pass them in the halls of MHS!
image courtesy of

Manatee High Homecoming

This photo was taken at a pre-homecoming soiree. I am on the left and to the right of me is Shea. Both of us are wearing dresses from the one and only Rusty Crickett, which outfitted us for a night of effortless elegance, as only the RC can. Shea and I are both donning Minuet. Known for its super femininity and attention to detail, Minuet's girly touches are evident in the oversize bow atop my left shoulder and the flowering ruffles extending from the waist up on Shea's  lovely little frock.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello there!

Hey, everyone! This is the introductory post to my fashion blog. I love fashion and adore writing, so a fashion blog seemed like a logical juxtaposition of the two. In this blog, I will be discussing styles and trends that I enjoy, and I'll talk about the outfits and ensemble choices of the people around me (that I can manage to photograph!).

I live in the 941, which is a coastal region nestled between two fairly different cities that has a very dynamic feel to it. From the days on the beach to the nights on the town, the girls and boys have a style all their own   -- and that is what I plan on writing about.

Stay tuned, you never know if your own photo might show up!

- Elly