Friday, September 23, 2011

In the Spirit of Cyclists

Strolling the sidewalks of UF's lovely campus is wonderful, except when you're nearly struck down by bicyclists.

Although if those crazy kids were pedaling atop these stylish beauties, I probably wouldn't be as irritated. Probably.


Lilly Pulitzer


Monday, September 5, 2011

Campus Cool

September is here and it's back to the daily grind, be that your hectic class schedule or a grueling 9 to 5. Incorporate a little fun into your day with two well-loved (but revamped) back-to-school classics: modern-styled mary janes and pleats.

Mary Janes. Perhaps you didn't know that Mary Jane started out as a comic strip character from Buster Brown in the early 1900s. The creator, Richard Outcault, sold the rights to the Brown Shoe Company in 1904, who then hired actors dressed as the comic strip characters (and wearing their shoes) to tour the country. The style of shoe worn by Mary Jane was forevermore a part of  history.


Make history yourself with some modern takes on the shoe.

L'Autre Chose.
Boyds, $439.                                                                                                     Anyi Lu. Bloomingdales, $425.
Miss Albright. Anthropologie, $168.                                                                            Stuart Weitzman. Neiman Marcus, $345.

Pleats. Keeping that schoolgirl aesthetic chic since before we were born. And oh so many variations! My favorite's the sunray/sunburst pleat, easily identified by a smaller cut that gets wider towards the bottom.

Dion Lee pleated skirt 2011

If this style's too formal for your everyday ensembles, check out the more casual variations below.

Pleated Halter Swing Dress. ASOS, $76.84.                                                                    Broomstick crinkled chiffon skirt. Adam, $300.


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