Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Dream Come True

Fairytale Fashions designed by Diana Eng will definitely leave you lighting up a room. Created with the concept of incorporating technology into couture (in order to make the imagination come to life), Eng has applied everything to her line from touch sensitive conducting thread to LEDs (light emitting diodes). So what does this mean, exactly? In the simplest of terms, it means that the clothes react to the wearer. For example, the twinkle cardigan has the ability to focus on speech, shimmering in reaction to whatever the lucky gal wearing the clothes is saying. Or take the deployable headband accessory, which when inflated, creates the illusion of an organic shape blossoming right into your hair. Although she is scheduled to finish up the project this month, the line is still a work in progress. A website devoted to the designs (listed below) posts weekly videos about the technological elements she wishes to use each week, and asks the public for their ideas and advice. Incorporating a dreamlike structure into an outfit (that is actually wearable!) is something that I think fashion designers really strive for, ever since fashion became more of an art form, instead of just clothes. After watching her videos and reading about the progress she has made (in five short months), there's no doubt in my mind Diana Eng has accomplished exactly that.

Diana Eng's Website:

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