Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Parisian Palate

An ubiquitous style that's seemingly always en vogue, (but has perhaps peaked once more in popularity) has cheerfully brought the "french look" back to us again. This time leaning heavily on the prepster side of nautical, and less so on the bohemian chic, the latest wave of Parisian style is undoubtedly suiting for fashion À-la-Floride. Think the classic urban look traditionally associated with the City of Lights (beige trenches, quilted chain-link handled clutches, and feminine color-tipped ballet flats) but with a splash of modern day pop-culture. Sweaters featuring graphic prints of sailor ties and anchor patterns paired alongside seersucker laced wedges twist the classic just enough to keep it youthful and fresh. Très Magnifique, oui?

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