Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beautiful Blossoms

Blossoming buds have always been a predominant fashion in months March through May, and this upcoming Spring season is no different. Soft floral patterns and delicate accessories representing the new beginnings of Spring are definitely the Season Staple. A fair amount of florals have already cropped up on the blouses and bags of fellow MHS students too, indicating the beginning of the end to another Florida winter. The departure of our only hair frizz-free season is depressing, I know. But, when you get a look at the lovely sundresses and bracelets the local boutiques already have in store, you'll be basking in it. The Flower Bangle (seen on Sara at left) from the Rusty Crickett is absolutely worth checking out, and will be an excellent addition to your Springtime Wardrobe. Since it's sure to match a formal-wear dress with its jewel insets, or even a casual look thanks to its versatile metal plating, it'll definitely be a sharp and smart look for Spring '10!

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