Friday, March 19, 2010

Bright Future

 After seeing the LED technology incorporated into apparel earlier with the Fairytale Fashions company, and now the Rodarte Fall/Winter 2010 Shoe Collection, it would appear that perhaps the fusing of science and fashion has come full circle, from concept to couture. World-renowned shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood (based in London) is behind the show-stoppin' stilettos, no doubt catalyzing a soon-to-be revolution for the fashion industry. However, the idea to light up the night with blinking kicks isn't exactly new. One may notice that the glowing heels are somewhat reminiscent of the blinking sneaker grade-school days, but I must say it appears the look of the 'lighted shoe' has come a long way (in terms of style) since then. The dripping wax-like structure of the heel creates the perfect cage to trap the light in, totally playing on the gothic-revival style of Rodarte.
 The front of the heel combines contrasting textures and patterns, creating a crazy collage of color that only heightens the rebel-chic look of the line. But of course Kirkwood manages to feminize the look with a flowing twist of fabric entwining itself around the ankle. Absolutely stunning! Being the ideal designers to capture the ever-sought after edgy femininity, let's hope there's more Mulleavy-Kirkwood collaborations in the future!
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