Friday, March 19, 2010

Blonde Bombshell

So as everyone already knew, the look that has become ubiquitous for Spring hair is the seventies thing, with the long and wavy free-flowing tresses, optional braid on the side, and maybe even a little daisy in there somewhere (combined with lots of earthy denim apparel, breezy sundresses, and floral prints, naturally). But, if you're at all like me and love to dream of Summer and the subsequent trends that follow, here's a little glimpse into our not-so-far future.

That's right. Peroxide blond is back. Now, unless you are:
  1. Already fairly blond-headed or 
  2. You are a super model,
I am not condoning the bleaching of one's hair. At all. Because I'm going to confidently state that not many are able pull off the "bleached look". But you know, if you fit into either of the above categories, and love being right in step with the fashion industry, here's to getting a jump-start on that summer to-do list.
image from fashionising

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