Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Resort Collections

WARNING! If you do not have a sufficient amount of time to drool over each of these photos individually, you may want to read this post in shifts. It is highly suggested, my friends. 

So, originally I was only going to post one or two designers, but when I started researching, clicking, and opening up photos... I just couldn't stop! I posted my ten favorite lines from the Resort Wear selection, so if you think something is missing it's because A) I didn't especially love it, or B) Turns out there's a lot of Resort Collections. And also, if you think this is a lot you should see what I've narrowed it down from.

T h e  D e s i g n e r s :
Designer #1. Brian Reyes
I have to admit, before this year I wasn't especially familiar with this talented young Colombian lad. His fourth year as an independent designer (Reyes previously worked under the Oscar de la Renta label), he is still the new kid on the block. Reyes has most assuredly established himself already, though, with socialites around the world (most notably Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Rachel Bilson, America Ferrera, and Leighton Meester). And with me, of course!


 Designer #2. ADAM
Some lovely shifts and cocktail numbers from ADAM, but I didn't want to overload you with too many pics, so again, just the look from the collection that stood out to me. Tons of bib necklaces, though, I saw. So, bibs still in for Summer! And what a perfect Summertime dress this is. I love, love, love the cut of the waistline, and the pairing of it with the large bib necklace and heels. It reminds me of a little girl playing dress up, but in a good way, because it captures the essence of what Summer's really all about, doesn't it?
 Designer #3. Collette Dinnigan
 Though not exactly new to the scene, Dinnigan's 20th year in the business sure has been a fruitful one thus far. Her latest collections have showcased her experienced knowledge of fabrics, textures, and patterns, as demonstrated by her Resort Collection with its elegant sheer fabrics and gorgeous detailed prints. I love the last two dresses, too, maybe you notice they're the same one? It's because the dress deserves two spots, it's just that amazing. 
 Designer #4. Doo.Ri
Since 2003 this young woman has been making a name for herself in the world of couture, known for her killer draping and willingness to experiment (successfully!). According to New York Style, she was first noticed for the jersey material she could manipulate to perfection, but as you can see, Doo.Ri is certainly more than adequate beyond those boundaries. The draping in Dress 2 is really marvelous I think though, flattering the shape beneath while still retaining volume. And the white one is sporty, sexy, and youthful, another fabulous look for Summer. Three more months!  
 Designer #5. Elie Tahari
New favorite! Step aside, Reyes. And it's not just because her name is sort of similar to mine, (which I'm sure was planned, by the way). Not much of a bio needed for Ms. Tahari, I'm going to go ahead and assume, so onto the clothes. I had been thinking lately that sequins were kind of old, usually I get tired of them after New Years when they reach their peak. But Elie definitely made me reconsider, the accent of the shine is just perfect. You just can't go wrong with the glittering, shimmering sequins now! Well, I mean, you can. But I bet in Elie Tahari it'd be really, really hard. The first dress is my new love.
 Designer #6. Kate Spade
If you need a bio for Kate Spade then get off of this blog, right now. No, don't! I'm just kidding. You know, education is the key to success. But so, I think I may have found another love. The break from sweet yet solemn neutrals to bright, eye catching, color popping frocks and totes was warmly welcomed. Just look how adorable those ensembles are! I'm fairly confident that if Heaven were for some reason transformed into woven goods, this is exactly what form it would take.
 Designer #7. Marc Jacobs
Always fancied his style, always will. It's always been more artsy and a little off than the other labels which spin out classics 24/7, I feel. His take on Resort-Wear is right out of the 40s-50s Glam Era, and I wish I had the hundreds of dollars it would cost to pull off his cutely clashing patterns. Beaded toucans, loud florals, and tiny round eye protection never looked so good. Marc Jacobs is fantastic, as always. Last two are my faves.

 Designer #8. Temperley London 
Mostly neutrals again, but I favored the bit of bright pattern they interspersed periodically with the more frequent antique lace look. Phillip Lim 3.1, anyone? Pirate Chic, eh eh? But definitely get out that lace for these next seasons, it's looking to be pretty popular. Love Looks #2 and #4.
P.S. I know they don't have to smile, but this model looks sick to her stomach modeling couture. Let me tell you I wouldn't even be in the picture anymore, I'd be out the door and running down the street with my arms full of sample dresses.
 Designer # 9. Thakoon
The designer made famous by First Lady Michelle Obama has hit the big time, and with good reason. His talent is undeniable, and again, echoing a vintage look here. Thakoon's collection was getting rave reviews for the tie-die dying methods on the dresses and shirts, and just the great cuts and fits of the clothes. Overall, a very coherent and strong line. Maybe tie-die will come back this season, I know the similar surf/skate look is sure climbing in the polls.
 Designer # 10. Gucci
Although their models are actually attractive, normal-looking you know, the clothes of this fashion house aren't too interesting to me this season. I feel like they're the stereotypical "Haute Couture" clothing, what with the stern lines and sharp angles and all. But sometimes a bit of change is nice, especially when the season of breezy sheers and light, airy fabrics are a necessity. Don't get me wrong, these clothes are fabulous, but I can't say I'm too partial to them in comparison with the others. They're strong though, empowering almost, and that I like. They really are gorgeous.
Whew! That's a lot of beauty to handle in one day. But it is so worth it. What were your favorites? I have to say I love them all, of course. It's like deciding whether the Chanel Tweed Jacket beats the Armani suit. Can't be too picky when it comes to couture. That being said, does anyone have a few hundred thousand dollars I can borrow?
 photos from fashionising


  1. I love the Brian Reyes Resort Collection. Its so chic and modern!

  2. Thanks, Reyes is definitely a new fave of mine, as well!

  3. Brian is definitely a designer to watch. look at his new collection if you haven't yet. its breathtaking

  4. I love the Brian Reyes collection as well. His designs are so feminine while still retaining boldness and modernity.

  5. I absolutely LOVE Brian Reyes' Resort Collection! Exceptional tailoring and finishes on the pieces, great colors, and modern eye-captivating prints!

  6. Ahh yes, so happy you featured Brian Reyes, his designs are always so fresh and modern.