Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stale Greenery, But Fresh Mud!

So why is it that I'm just learning of the jade green nail polish trend from Chanel's 2009 Fall line? The nail color that evidently rolled right off the runway (selling out in 40 minutes) onto the well-manicured paws of mega-starlets like Rachel Bilson and Drew Barrymore? I heard nothing of this! I'm going to go ahead and blame it on my then-distracting obsession with the notorious House of Couture's Fall concentration on Russian Royal jewelery and the always fabulous tweed jackets. But really. This is a huge letdown. The 'darker-than-mint but lighter-than-evergreen' tint would have undoubtedly kicked my deep maroon nail lacquer of three months ago to the curb. But alas this was eons ago, practically two whole seasons! It makes me especially distraught, though, because of the latest color Monsieur Lagerfeld has dished out.

 The newest haute nail varnish of the Chanel Spring 2010 Line is a dark beige-gray color, labeled ParticuliĆ©re, which already started sweeping the streets last month. Now I'm not claiming to know more about fashion than the line that's had well over a century in the business, but isn't that color a little drab? At least for Spring? I mean obviously the alternative (pinks and light reds) wouldn't exactly be groundbreaking for the Season, but who really wants to don a color described by Amizona as "...a putty shade of gray"? It looks like something an elderly woman would wear to Easter Mass. Which, I guess is part of the "Spring Season", but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that's probably not what Lagerfeld was going for. There's got to be a point where reaching beyond the masses is counter-productive. But being Chanel you can't really go wrong, because in most cases people are buying the name, not just the clothes. All I'm pondering here is, if Guess or DKNY or another label produced this polish, would it have had the same success?
image courtesy of imageshack, fashiontadpole.blogspot.com

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