Monday, March 8, 2010

A Fake Phil?

 Am I the only one who noticed the striking resemblance between actress Vera Farmiga's Marchesa 2010 Oscar's gown, and Phillip Lim's gown design for the 2008 Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala (pictured at right with model Chanel Iman, wearing gown)? I thought it looked rather familiar when I saw Ms. Farmiga strolling the red carpet, but not until this morning while flipping through my trusty Teen Vogue Handbook did I realize why the Marchesa gown had evoked such a strong sense of déjà vu. Is it simply a flattering tribute to the world-renowned designer Lim, or is it a downright copy of his work? I'm not sure. I have to say that Lim's design was certainly a unique one, and I had never seen anything quite like it before the gown's existence, or even afterward (until now). Although Marchesa changed Lim's tightly wound swirls into more of a loose, pleated ripple, I still feel that the design is almost identical, right down to the asymmetrical path of the fabric (both on the right side, trickling down from the bust into a full, volumous gathering at the bottom). Both beautiful gowns of course, but I'm just wondering whether or not credit was given where it was deserved. What do you think?
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