Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Well-Tailored Woman

Form-fitting blazers, tailored pants, smart-looking vests and crisp pleats. All the staple items of any self-respecting Menswear Collection. But this classic look is quickly becoming a staple in collections catering to another clientele. That's right: The 'female dandy' has hit the runway. Its clean-cut lines and well placed seams accentuate the female body, flattering curves while simultaneously drawing attention away from less favorable areas. The tomboyish-prepster look most often associated with Ralph Lauren and Jil Sander has been seen on the runways of Rag&Bone, Karl Lagerfeld, and Calvin Klein, among several others. Here pictured is Karl Lagerfeld's take on the Tailored Trend. Personally, the prep look had always been a favorite of mine. I definitely saw plenty of blazers in Nordstrom's today, and I can't wait to pass them in the halls of MHS!
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