Friday, January 15, 2010

Pattern Pusher

In the spirit of the mix'n-match pattern craze that's been documented everywhere from Cosmo to The New York Times, I thought who better to showcase pretty patterns than the Queen of All Pattern, herself? The Connoisseur of Florida Couture, Lilly Pulitzer! One of my favorite designers hands-down, Lilly simply envelops the heart of Palm Beach, Florida. I've always loved the stark contrast between her whimsical patterns and clean cut lines, and the overall Prepster feel her look conveys. The classic cuts and lines in the clothing have always reminded me of the Sixties/Early-Seventies era, so Lilly seemed to go right along with the Seventies Trend we've all been seeing a lot of lately. Her start-up story is iconic, but for those of you reading who aren't as familiar with her humble beginnings, here's how it all started (in a nutshell!): Lilly Pulitzer, a young woman residing in lovely Palm Beach, ran a juice stand. Tired of ruining her blouses and skirts with the brightly colored juice stains, she designed a brightly pattered dress which camouflaged the citrus' remains. Soon, she began selling more of her pattered dresses than juice, and when Jackie O. was captured in one of the young designer's shifts, well, the rest became history. Try mixing up one of Lilly's patterned skirts with a crisp white button-down, multi-patterned Lilly headband, and oversize shades, for a Floridian take on the mix'n match pattern trend that Lilly would be proud of.

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  1. I loooove Lilly! Being a native Floridian, I've followed her designs for years and half my closet can attest to it:)