Monday, January 11, 2010

The Extra Effort

What I personally love about Sara's necklace, first of all, is that I haven't seen it anywhere. Its unique design is what I find so appealing about it, as most pieces of jewelry one purchases at popular stores (and I'm sure several fellow high-schoolers can attest to this) will often end up being seen on the ears and wrists of passerby. Perhaps one solution to this common dilemma is branching out a little bit further in either the place of purchase or in the jewelery itself. For example, when you're passing the table adorned with shimmering bracelets and ornately carved earrings, reach just those last couple of inches further where most shoppers overlook, to see if you can't find a ring different from all the others. Or apply the same concept to the entire location. Drive those few extra miles, as Sara did, to find that one store where everything is different and unique (in this case, The Hive). Isn't that one-of-a-kind piece worth the extra effort? After all, when we select anything to wear from a jacket to a ring, we are (intentionally or not) making a statement about ourselves. Fashion is undoubtedly about making that statement, about the expression of the individual. I guess what I'm getting at is: If you're going to make an effort, go all the way. After all, nobody likes to see their brand new necklace on the girl sitting next to them!

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