Friday, January 8, 2010

Return of the Romper

             Spring 2010 runway inspiration: jumpsuits & playsuits
Although I admit even I was a skeptic of this trend when I first saw it circulating the lines last Summer, I have to say I've done a complete 180. I love the Romper. It's classic, it's chic, and it's versatile, essentially enveloping the three major qualities any look with true staying power possesses. Better yet- it's back, which gives everyone (including me), a second chance to be a part of the Romper taking back the runway. After all, any look which can boast more than six equally attractive and unique styles deserves a comeback to be proud of. My personal favorite, the evening style (as done by John Ribbe above), truly embodies that classic look. Tailored at the bust while loose and flowing at the hips, this is one of many rompers that I have to feel would look amazing on anyone. Designers such as Erin Fetherston and Lanvin went for Evening Wear rompers as well (each varying the style of  cut/fit slightly), while Karl Lagerfeld and Lacoste took a more casual approach.
image courtesy of fashionising

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