Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sporadic Metallic

Balancing the art of metallics can be a risky business, but if calculated correctly, the end result is a sight of sweet perfection. Small hints of metallics placed intermittently throughout an outfit (such as in a clutch or a pair of flats) produce an overall effect of classic cool, but with a flirty edge. Metallics, or course, aren't exactly new to the fashion scene, but have been flitting in and out of style for quite some time now. I believe however, that because they have been seen so much more recently, that it's a fairly safe bet to invest in one or two staple metallic items. The first staple is naturally the metallic purse or clutch, which is ideal for dressing one's outfit up with a touch of elegant sophistication. The second metallic staple is a pair of shoes. The options are vast in this category, ranging from dressy flats to casual Sperry Top-Siders (as seen above in J. Crew's January catalogue). I'm absolutely infatuated with these Top-Siders, and (having already owned a patterned pair) I can confidently recommend them as my favorite go-to shoes for an effortless, classic, all-American style. Although a bit of an expense for the everyday budget, my advice is: If you're going to splurge, do it on the staples!

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