Thursday, January 14, 2010

Douse of Denim

The right fit in that perfect pair of jeans can be flattering on all levels from one's body to one's confidence. Goodness knows we all have that favorite pair we always resort to almost religiously. But that doesn't mean that the trusty pair can't budge over a little bit for this season's new jean styles! Patched, double, ripped, and high-waisted denim skirts and jeans have been seen in all the designers' hottest collections. Basically, the overall trend seems to be channeling the Era of the Hippie (no, not the Sixties one). The Seventies are back, and not only in jeans, although the denim department appears to be where the well-loved decade is most prominent.  Seventies hair, in long and loose wavy tresses has rocked the Spring'10 Runways as well. To the right, Fidelity Jeans beautifully displays their take on the Seventies Decade jean trend. Although the Hippie Hair is not on my top list of favorites (although on some hair-days it would seem so), I think we can all agree you can never have too many jeans!

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