Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sweet Sleeve

Definitely taking advantage of the 50 Degree weather today, Carolyn bundled up in her adorable tan Liliana slouch boots and black winter coat by Anthropologie. The coat, which ties at the top and has just a hint of the puff sleeve style, is definitely a look that is predicted to be a major trend for the upcoming Winter/Spring '10 Season. Seen on the runways of Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi, the slight puffed sleeve is a sweet accent on any coat, feminizing the heavy and all-too-often constricting clothing pieces. The tie at the top, which may be fastened into a bow or simply tucked away (as worn here), also adds a girly touch to this chic outerwear. Pictured after a grueling day of classes, Carolyn is all smiles as she prepares to face the 10mph biting Floridian winds, practically a beautiful Summer's day for this Michigan native. With a lovely bright pink scarf to polish off the look, Carolyn's definitely looking sharp.


  1. elly i love your blog! you are a total fashionista and i love you!

  2. I love you too auburnxanna0818!