Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Layer it On

I've said it before, and I'm quite certain I'll say it many more times before Winter is gone: I love the cold. Why? Because it requires a lovely layered wardrobe, and more layers, of course, means more clothes. For the Floridians, this means about two and a half months of scarves, boots, oxfords, sweaters, coats, and frizz-free hair. A perfect time window for the heavy ensembles before we're all tired of seat warmers and chapped lips, and aching for our short-sleeves and sun-dresses once again. Nevertheless, the cold weather is here, and I'm happy to report so is a multitude of clothes. Tolani scarves, for one, were everywhere today. Designed to hold 'traditional cultures' in the color palettes while simultaneously evoking a modern feel in the design elements, Tolani is a great choice, as far as warming your neck goes. Pictured above is Jessica Alba wearing a Tolani scarf. I know for sure these have been flying off the racks at the RC, because every time I'm perusing their shelves there's always a new assortment of the popular accessory. Better run in and grab one for yourself before they're gone!

photo courtesy of shes_in_fashion

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