Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Making Waves

A look I simply can't wait to see resurface after this cold spell blows over? The seemingly always suitable Nautical, of course! From the patriotic color schemes that accompany the style to the adorable buttons and stripes, I'm anxiously waiting for the Sailor Chic to re-emerge. Pictured to the left is a wonderful example of this trend in the January Issue of Vogue. Its rising surge in popularity has been attributed to a wide array of influences, one for example, is Audrey Tatou's "Coco Before Chanel" Movie. The film, which hit theaters last April, demonstrated how Chanel took the Sailor's Uniform (a seemingly ordinary striped shirt) of the day and revolutionized it. Chanel is now credited with the birth of the Sailor-Trend, which we are now witnessing today. Ahoy, Mate!


  1. Did you see Coco Before Chanel? Pray tell.

  2. I did see Coco Before Chanel, and I loved it. It was more a biography of her life but Audrey Tatou and Shirley Maclaine both played Chanel beautifully.