Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Karlie Graces Cover of TeenVogue

Karlie Kloss's shoot in this month's issue of TeenVogue has become one of my all time faves. This is definitely saying something too, seeing as the magazine constantly outdoes itself month after month, in terms of the actual styling and photo shoot locations. Now, my favor in the subjects featured in such shoots is a tad more debatable (April's Miley Cyrus comes to mind), but then again, if TeenVogue can succeed in transforming such unspeakables into fashion-forward, style-stompin' models, then all the more reason to praise the mag, yes? And don't get me wrong here, I'm obsessed with Karlie Kloss and her story inside!

You'll find that May's feature of the teen supermodel is unbelievably easy to relate to also, as Karlie correlates the awkward growth spurts of adolescence to being able to strut her stuff on catwalks all over the world, remarking " My entire school career I've been like three feet taller than everyone in my grade. They're just now starting to grow, so I'm very happy about that!" I can't help but point out how much like a real person this girl actually looks, too. Such an observation seems silly, but if you're any bit as obsessed with fashion magazines as I am you'll know that such a similarity is pretty hard to come by. The norm for female models these days seems to generally fall into the lovable categories of sickly robot or cadaver. Not even kidding.

Don't you just want to be her best friend? Love her!

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