Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can't Hate Kate

It seemed for an utterly long time that the weakest link in Elly's Chain of Shopping Splurge Demise was, and would always be, my beloved Lilly Pulitzer. Her uncanny knack for combining timeless sophistication with wild-patterned, fun loving whimsicality was always unparalleled, in a league of its own. That is, until I re-discovered my fascination for Kate Spade (Bon Mot Bon Shopper tote shown top left). The two labels both boast top-of-the-line uniforms for the Prepsters at Heart, with lines ranging from shoes and handbags to apparel of all categories.

However, I must say that the two forces coincide beautifully together, and compliment each others' color palettes and styles, without competing. And though I have to admit that my Lilly Collection is becoming quite respectable, my Kate Collection (Coral Reef Pearl and Star bracelet at right) leaves something to be desired. Which is my nicer way of saying its contents currently amount to the grand total of zero. And I'm happy to announce that high on my To-Do list is to get cracking on the latter. It shouldn't be too hard to do with the lovely items I've recently discovered (and bear with me on the excess of photos, my obsession is at its peak)!

Hand in Hand Rise and Shine tote

Montery Bay Seahorse Cuff

Bay Street Cyndy

Barrow Street Anabel tote

Picnic Bike Basket

Emerald Isle Kolette Skirt
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  1. I found your blog when searching for the Kolette skirt! I want it so badly. the color is Royalty which is my last name so I know I must have it!