Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Color Me Happy

Especially with Dooney & Bourke. After those dark dreaded days of Winter, one craves the Sun- and lots and lots of color. And what better way to bring such vibrant hues into your life than to carry 'em in? With the adorable new totes and backpacks from the Connecticut-based company, it really shouldn't be all that difficult. At least, not when you're stompin' in style with these beauties! Fabrics range from luxurious leather to practical and stylish canvas/nylon, so there's definitely a material to suit anyone's Summer lifestyle, and the possible pattern option is ridiculously adorable. I prefer the solid color blocks, so please excuse my biased display dedicated solely to them. I assure you there's hours worth of gorgeous prints to sift through while you're daydreaming of vacations, so get on over to your nearest D&B ASAP, my friends. The sooner you've acquired that Summer wardrobe the sooner that blessed season will arrive!


  1. Elly I'm so obsessed with these bright bags! I went on the D&B website I there is a big coral purse that I love so much I think I need to get it. Thanks for showing me! :)

  2. But of course, ha that's what I'm here for!