Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Seventeenth

Happy birthday to me! Seventeen and still a kids size 12. Yet, I am told this is a good thing. I haven't stumbled upon why specifically this is, but I'm sure someone will let me in on that secret one day. For now I convince myself it's just preparing me to be an expert shopper, as I hone my skills scouting out what I label as 'crossovers': The rare apparel, (usually located in the prepster Ralph Lauren, J Crew, and Lilly territories) which although designed with the child in mind, can blend in quite nicely with normal-sized people clothing. Its one of my best-kept secrets, although I suppose I'm letting it all out now. It's why when people exclaim "What an adorable skirt- where'd you get that?!" and I answer "Polo!" they're so utterly confused as to why they didn't see it. Although I'd like to say it's because I'm more adept at discovering hidden blouses and shorts, it's really just that they don't shop in the Ages 4-12 Section.

But on another note, I do have a regular sized neck and feet. Which is why I've decided to post some pictures of the lovely Tory Burch ballet flats, J-Crew and Nordstrom's necklaces I got for my birthday. It's okay if you're jealous, not everyone can turn 17 on may 9th 

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