Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pin it!

After another couple weeks have slipped out from under me, I'm back- and with fabulous news! A friend of mine at Scene Magazine (where I currently intern) introduced me to Pinterest, a website that is basically your own virtual scrapbook to (as the site eloquently puts it) "catalog the things you love".

Once you become a member the site places a link in your bookmark toolbar to 'Pin It', so that if you're on any site or blog and your eye is caught by a photo- you can save it! Straight to your Pinterest page. The photos are all organized on separate category boards that you create- from Fashion Pics to Future Apartment Decor. I urge you to check mine out- and start one for your own!

It's great for blogging, or even to simply designate a place where you know you'll receive a daily dose of self-planted inspiration.

j. crew mood board from

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