Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Splurging

After receiving my TeenVogue, Vogue Magazine, and Nordstrom March 2011 Catalogue, I marked up all the pages to which I wished to return, or at least make note of. The articles were all superb, (Vogue et TeenVogue) of course, but those inky ads splashed across every couple pages of text simply steal my heart every month.

A small dedication to them on She Blogs Couture. Keep in mind while you're perusing that any monetary donations are of course welcomed for 'Elly's Wardrobe Fund', too, but why not eliminate the middle man and just donate the shoes themselves (Kors by Michael Kors Sasha Sandal at right)? Just joking, of course! But only kind of.

Anyway, indulge yourself in the blissful articles of clothing my eyes were drawn to during this particular read-around. And keep in mind how wonderful all of these would look with Spring-splashed neon fabrics.

Très chic.

Kate Spade Flap Handbag (citronella, bone, or hot pink; also in black)

Phoebe Bangle Watch

Calypso for Target

Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marine Rock

And there you have it. Five items I now feel will fill the vast empty void of my heart (a void that did not exist until I laid eyes upon the aforementioned five items). So, thank you, Nordstrom, TeenVogue, and Vogue. You've done it again.,,,,

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