Thursday, November 25, 2010

That's Pretty Tight

One of my most favorite parts of cold weather? The layers.

But you already knew that. Layers are every girl's best friend when the temperature starts dropping! How else can we keep our ensembles stylish
and interesting? If your mother is anything like mine, living in Florida equals two coats because: "We're in Florida! What do you need more coats for?"

Right. Which means that everything
under the coat and above it has to keep changing!
Which brings us to the latest blog post layer dedication: tights. And oh how stylin' they are. Adding a punch of color and pattern to any outfit, they're sure to keep that Winter Wardrobe of yours moving right along!

Etsy peacock tights.

CTRL leggings.

   Les Queues de Sardines Leggings. Très chic.

Tabio Tights.

The amazing Louis Vuitton tights.

Rodarte tights.

Bernhard Willhelm. Note sausage necklace.

Urban Outfitters is also a spectacular source for outlandish tights. Check them out.

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