Thursday, October 28, 2010

Face the Freak

Along with those spiffy costumes below, I've tacked down my TOP FOUR  outlandish makeup and hair selections for All Hallows Eve, compliments of, of course! Check out those paint-stained lips, razor sharp cheekbones, and dewy eyes.

The Infamous Lady Gaga

Practically a brand of eccentric extreme all her own, going "Gaga" requires you to pretty much freestyle your
e n t i r e  outfit with as much randomness as possible. As long as it is over the top. Here, Gaga's doing the neon metallic thing with bright pink lids and lips with a pewter lighting bolt cutting across the face. This look is achieved with some good ol' Scotch tape and a black paint stick. recommends MAC's Greasepaint Stick in Slick Black.

Forget about going green. Blue is the hue for Halloween, and if you have any desire to be a freakily tall alien, Avatar is your costume of choice. To get the look simply mix some blue eyeshadow into your foundation and apply evenly, hopefully achieving a light blue tint. Afterwards, add navy blue streaks along the edges of the face to complete the look. Yellow contacts, anyone?

The Queen of Hearts

Doesn't she just make you feel warm inside? I applaud your Halloween spirit if you're going this all-out, first of all. Secondly, you're in for some serious brushing up of the makeup skills. To obtain her royal skin tone, track down some white foundation. Then, grab some Elmer's glue, and apply to eyebrows
(that's right, apply it to your eyebrows!). No worries, it comes out with a bit of soap 'n water. Trace a black line on top of the eyebrow, and fill in a nice light blue shadow from lid to brow. Last touch? Those daintily hearted lips. Ooh lala!

Dr. Frank-n-Furter

If this doesn't make for a frightful Halloween costume I don't know what will! Dr. Frank-n-Furter of
Rocky Horror Picture Show is certainly a classic. Although.. I'm ashamed to admit I've still never seen the movie all the way through. I aim to falsify that statement this Halloween Season, though I'm certainly running short of time. To get the face of a Frank-n-Furter, darken your eyebrows and get a solid wall of black or gray stretching from lid to brow, going heavy on the mascara and eye liner. With a business card serving as template held against the cheekbones, apply a peach colored blush to the cheeks. And don't forget the cherry red lips, darling!

Happy Haunting.

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