Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Campus Cool

Since this year I'm writing a regular fashion column for the school paper, The Macohi, I thought I would go ahead and upload my articles when I finish them.

They're only slightly lengthy, so grab a soda and some popcorn, and I'll provide the entertainment! Happy Reading!

Campus Cool
The ringing in of another new school year has announced the return of the back-to-school style season. This time around, however, the classic chic is back. Finally, the day has arrived for those distressed bleached jeans and paint splattered rocker tees to crawl back to the decade from which they escaped.

The Keds Call of Duty Shoe. Perfectly 1940s, and perfectly adorable.

Ushering out the eighties is a look of classic elegance embellished with feminine elements reinterpreted from the 1940s.
On campus, garments that complement the figure enveloping the 1940s style, such as high waisted skirts, modestly cut scoop neck blouses, and cinched-waist dresses have soared in popularity, and all have been sighted throughout the halls of the Manatee High School. 
“I’m happy the classic chic style’s finally back,” said senior Carolyn Chupa, decked out in an cinched waist sundress from Anthropologie. “It’s such an easy look to emulate, and on top of that, it just looks so much cleaner and well put together.”
Needless to say, the ‘tailored fit’ look has rocketed right up to the top of the Campus Fashion totem pole, alongside a myriad of variations on this classic chic. A prime example of the ‘vintage feminine’ style given a modern edge is the snug cropped sleeve sweater trend, which is a lovely addition to any sundress or blouse.

Looking lovely in a preppy cardigan.
“And they’re super comfortable, too!” Said senior Leland Van Alstyne, snuggling up to her classic black Lacoste cardigan. This look in particular has been making quite the comeback during these first weeks of school, thanks to the new dress code’s ‘must have sleeves’ policy.
 A touch of rebelliousness, though, still stirs within the student trendsetters, evident in this season’s prime choice of footwear. Embellished sandals are what’s hot now, and these casual Floridian shoes-of-choice look great paired with anything from flowing white sundresses to stiff dark-wash blue jeans.
“These are my favorites,” said junior Mary-Elizabeth Woodward, pointing out her jewel-studded J. Crew gladiator sandals. “They match with everything, which makes them perfect for a day at school or a dinner out with the girls.”
The versatility lies in the variety of styles the sandals come in, from the jewel-toned beading in floral patterns to hard core metal studs.
The overall look of a vintage garment paired with a classy sweater and sandals is a refreshing one, welcome after years stuck in a rocker-fad time warp. The chic doesn’t appear to be departing anytime soon either, but is instead expected to ride its wave of popularity through the winter fashion season and on into spring. So stock up on those clean-cut clothes and studded sandals, because the classic cool is back in  school.

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