Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mom Will Love This

So, today, I fell in love. With Sam Edelman's Lorissa Peep-toe pump.

Call them outlandish. Call them impractical. Call them dangerous even, or, as my mother prefers, "inappropriate". But I prefer to call them perfection, and as it may be, I composed this poem in their honor and sent it to my mother.

Roses can be Red,
And Violets can be Blue.
I saw a piece of Heaven,
That made me think of you.
Though fierce on the exterior,
With peppered spikes like drops of dew,
I found their first impression to be slightly misconstrued.
Because within their heart
The shoes embodied Strength Within.
A girly heel with metal spikes singing sweet as violin.
The contrast can't be copied,
A composition like no other.
Such perfection mirrored only in
My dear sweet darling mother.

And she didn't buy it. So, unfortunately, I didn't buy them.
Well. Not today, anyway..

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