Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keeping 'Em Coming!

... And I've fallen behind again! It seems like perhaps Summer may not be the best time for blogging, especially when yours consists of:
1. Poynter Institute's Journalism Camp
2. Auburn University's Summer Journalism Workshop
3. Girls State
4. Fashion Merchandising Camp at Drexel
5. Visiting the grandparents in NY

Not that it in any way makes up for a dusty and utterly deserted Blogspot site, but... you know. My head is everywhere right now. Currently it is at Drexel, but I assure you that my heart is all a-flutter up and down the street-side shops of Philly, perusing their cluttered windows for inspiration which I shall document and relay back to you at some point. In any case, plenty of pictures have been snapped, rest assured.

In the meantime, take a look at some pics of the recent purchases from UO (or pictures similar to them anyways)! I'm working on channeling that classic feminine vintage look which I love so much and which is, according to Vogue, right around the corner again. Goodbye leather leggings and distressed ripped up bags, helloooo tailor-made!

images urbanoutfitters.com

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