Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Writing Right Along

Okay, so, I apologize for the lack of posts between today and last Thursday. By lack of, of course, I'm referring to none. I've been happily (and utterly) absorbed in... JOURNALISM CAMP! It's way more awesome than it sounds, but I've found myself attempting to explain it to like four people already and I've watched their eyes glaze over and their inquisitive smiles freeze on their faces.
But I really, really promise that it's not full of weirdos or something. I love the kids in it, and I'm thrilled to report that there are some extremely stylin' and inspiring young reporters. There I was in my jean capris and vans (not a totally awful look, but definitely keeping it casual I would say) and there was this cute gal next to me rocking a vintage dress, white knitted belt, and pointy-toed flats. Needless to say I'm bringing my A-game tomorrow. So here are some lovely reporter-esque secretary type clothes and accessories from the new UO Season I've been gazing at endlessly!
Urban Renewal Lace Collar Frock
Pins and Needles Chiffon Housedress
BDG Breezy Button Down Shirt
Fletcher by Lyell Peter Pan Collar Pleat Blouse
Kimchi Blue Edwardian Blouse

Kimchi Blue Cutaway Cardigan

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