Saturday, October 22, 2011

Falling for Spring

More additions to my Spring 2012 Favorites list? Yes! Joining Versace's amazing collection this week are the likes of  Carven and Roland Mouret. They're two separate, distinct Ready-to-Wear lines that I couldn't help but swoon over as I sipped my mocha coffee inside the Hub, furiously scrolling through more fashion shows, instead of cramming for Oceanography.

But who can focus on transform boundaries when Guillaume Henry is painting a real-life fairytale before your very eyes?
Carven kept with its reputation for legginess, but added a touch of cheek with cutouts in the blouses and removable collars.

Roland Mouret was one of several ultra-feminine shows this season, but one of the few that stood out. By incorporating a modern twist to the classic bra top (a recurring element in this collection's garments), Mouret ensured his women wouldn't look too soft.

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