Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Freshly Cropped

Though this latest Spring/Summer style is not for the faint of heart, I felt the trend must be recognized after seeing about the thirtieth cropped top sashay past me in the courtyard of Manatee High.

When executed successfully, the loosely fitting tee will flow down to just above the waistline, elegantly exposing the slightest sliver of skin.

On the 2011 Spring/Summer Paris runways, Yves Saint Laurent debuted a myriad of cropped top dresses (shown at left). said of the show-stopping gowns, “With elegance, the merest slit along the waistline of a dress turns it into a two-piece ensemble broken up by only a shallow hint of skin.”

The look only works, however, when paired with high-waisted shorts, skirts, or jeans. Though it’s a throwback to the eighties, this is one style you simply cannot afford to experiment with, in terms of mixing and matching different styles and cuts from past decades. Namely, the sixties hip-hugging jeans.

Tossing a cropped tee over a pair of low-riding hip huggers is not classy at all, destroying the subtle glam the cropped cut provides for its wearer by throwing too much skin in the faces of passerby.

In Bradenton, the look is usually paired with higher riding jeans or shorts. The style can be dressed down or up, depending on the material of the tee and  pants.

Said a Junior at Manatee of the new look, “I love the comfort and style of cropped shirts. You can pair them with a nice pair of skinny jeans for a night out on the town or with a pair of shorts and head to the beach.”

Found everywhere from Urban Outfitters to Target, this is one Spring/Summer style that  will keep you cool and won’t break the bank.

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