Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Splashes of Spring

I know that to say 'I'm sick of the cold' may make some Northerners want to punch me, but I can't help it. These intermittent bursts of seventy degree weather are almost painful, because you know that mercury will drop back to a chilly forty-five in a few hours' time (those of you in the negatives, I can only imagine your pain).

Suffice to say, I've been dreaming of Sun and Sand lately! And such daydreams have washed these lovely items into my midst. Take a gander, if you will.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 Handbags

Prada Spring 2011 Shoes

Not so crazy about the oxfords, but aren't those heels fantastic? They certainly belong struttin' across the well-shined wooden deck of a cruise ship, I'll tell you that.

Balenciaga Moto Vest; Spring 2011

Perfection is attainable!

Bally Spring/Summer 2011

Check out those shoes.
So many more to come, I can't get enough of these colors.

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