Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Heads Up, Sevens Up

During a lovely visit from the 'rents for Homecoming weekend, I had the opportunity to peruse the fabulous (and I use that term lightly) Oaks Mall of Gainesville. I've acquired several new additions to my collegiate wardrobe since then, and wished to share with you my musings on the subject.

What's your favorite decade? I always appreciated the forties, with the ultra-feminine cuts, hourglass figures (shout-out to grandma!) and classic, lady-like looks that came to define an era. Which is why it surprises me that more and more I've been leaning towards a rare and sudden partiality to the seventies.

What?! I know! With the muddy greens, browns, and yellows, I never thought I could fall for such a time! That Seventies Show was the limit. But, I must say, passing the chunky color-blocked wedges in Macy's began to melt this frozen-in-the-forties heart of mine.

I pushed through those gleaming double doors of Forever 21, and renewed, began to tear apart shelves with a fever similar to that induced by Black Friday.

Here's my finds:

One red suede short skirt.

One floral dress with belt

Bandolino Equestrian boots!

The boots ain't so seventies but hey, what wardrobe's complete without some eclectic touches?!

alternativeoutfitters.com, forever21.com

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