Tuesday, August 2, 2011

With the Fall 2011 season of fashion right around the corner, the time has come for a careful reassessment of our current wardrobes.

Jeans and pants are the first topic of discussion. As every dedicated fashion follower knows: The cut, style, and look of this season's jeans often indicate where the rest of the season's trends are headed.

With skinny jeans being the ubiquitous choice of style for teens and twenty-somethings of today, they no longer fulfill their original purpose, which was (of course) to make a statement. The skinny look remains stylish, however, it no longer holds the number one spot on designers' catwalks. ChloƩ , Chanel , and even our wallet-friendly J. Crew all displayed customized versions of the wide-pant trend in their Fall 2011 runway collections (pictured in order, below).

Ergo, the 1970s wide pant leg. Forever fleeing the mundane, trendsetters everywhere are turning to the opposite of skinny. Are you daring enough to display the trend?

Tips for Wide-Panted Jeans:
  • Wide pants with a high waistline create a slimmed silhouette
  • Keep the cinched belt skinny
  • Pair with heels or wedges
  • Remember to keep the entire ensemble simple and minimalistic

images from elle.com

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