Thursday, August 26, 2010

Campus Cool

Well, a new school year is upon us, my friends, and with a new school year comes the new fashion season! One of these is more exciting than the other, perhaps you can guess which one?

Senior year, in particular, brings a wide array of familiar places and faces, and speaking of familiarity, I've spotted several trend-repeats that seem to be on the rise both on campus and off. Recycled looks that I remember? I must be getting old..

Here's what's hot for Fall Campus Fashion 2010!

Fall Floral Accessories. Earrings, rings, and headbands galore- a lovely interpretation of the ultra-fem Fall runway trend.
Tarina Tarantino Peridot earrings still going strong at MHS.

Lelet NY. Flower Headbands are definitely around campus, with some styles more daring
than others. My advice is to find a flatter flower, as the more spherical, pom-pom like florals tend
to look a bit goofy in person.
Embellished Sandals. Some are feminine, some not so much, but whatever they are, the more "stuff" on your sandal, the cuter is seems to get! It's usually seen in the gladiator style, but this look is by far one of the most versatile of the season.
Mossimo sandals
Mossimo embellished stud sandals, gladiator inspired.

Miss Me STAR Bohemian Beaded Sandals
Miss Me STAR Bohemian Beaded Sandal. A less intense, more free-spirited version
of the embellished sandal.

Conservative Classic. In necklines of tunics, blouses, shirts, and dresses everywhere. Low-cut necks seem to have been replaced, and no longer belong with the casual day-style. Ladies, take note!
Victoria Justice smiles pretty in a conservatively cut neckline.

Walter Dress. Expertly executed by Miss Blair Waldorf.

The Satchel. Practical and stylish. And fabulous for toting around your AP French textbook. Backpacks still work too, but oh how I want a satchel.
Urban Outfitters Mulberry Satchel. Simple and chic.

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