Saturday, April 3, 2010

Make Me Smile

These randoms make me smile. A bit of my quirkier self, revealed through some fabulous accessories.
Always and forever, my stomach.
 Witty slogan and  uplifting pattern? You have to be smiling pulling pennies out of this sarcastic coin purse!
 Waikiki Necklace. Funky name, funky shapes, funky style. I like it.
This I just couldn't resist. In case you weren't aware, I am obsessed with all things Disney, and this lovely pink and gold necklace emblazoned with Cinderella's profile is exactly what I shall wear to my Disney Princess job interview (this is before journalism/fashion design school, of course, and after high school). I've been told Tinkerbell also is a job that pays fairly well, as she is in a "high risk" scenario when she zip-lines 200 feet above a screaming crowd on a 95lb weight limit harness.

Pish-posh I say in the face of danger! I'm keeping my options open in case Art School falls through.

This Sprinkle Ring is adorable. It would be an extremely strenuous and trying effort on my part, though, to not pry it open and eat its contents, especially while it was waving around in plain eyesight on my finger. But self-discipline is a good skill to hone. I mean, theoretically.
No, I don't play harmonica. I can tell you if I was skilled in the Art of Harmonica, however, this would be the perfect necklace. And who doesn't love a great harmonica solo, especially in the middle of a favorite ballad? This stylish piece of craftmanship is a tribute to the musical instrument that transformed pop culture as we know it. And it's pretty...

These seven items are currently at, and are just a few of the members of the terrific accessories family.
check it out.
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